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If you’re wondering where we came up with the name, PopCanPen, we'd love to tell you that it was a brilliant masterstroke of artistic genius, however, the truth is it was the only domain name we could think of that wasn’t already spoken for. In fact we found, to our chagrin, that “Brilliant”, “Masterstroke”, “Artistic” and “Genius” had already been taken. To be sure, we put our heads together and dreamed up some really catchy names but, alas, other creative minds had walked those pathways before us, so we settled on PopCanPen.

What you'll find here

Calligraphy, hand made greeting cards, hand made book markers and photography from Diane Hutt. You'll also find some acrylic art and essays from Douglas Hutt.

Resources is a list of links we found helpful.

"How to" contains instructions on how to make stuff like pop can pens and weathergrams.